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d.a.i. Top Talk im Rahmen der Reihe „KI und Wir“

Talk and media presentation with Annie Dorsen, pioneer of algorithmic theater, New York City. Technological progress, digitization and artificial intelligence are seriously and tangibly changing all areas of our lives: the way we work, the way we shop but also forms of communication and the creation of texts and art. Annie Dorsen, a renowned theater director and winner of various theater awards and fellowships (Guggenheim Fellowship, Mac Arthur Fellowship), is one of the most relevant international pioneers of a mode of theater that includes algorithms and most recently also artificial intelligence and ChatGPT. Her work reflects on the essential questions of how art can succeed in cooperation with technological advancements. Dorsen’s plays derive from a complex network of classic literature intertwined and translated into technical data and prompts that are impossible for the audience to unravel in detail. On this evening, the artist will give a rare insight into her work and especially into the impressing construction of her plays that we will discuss with our two experts Dr. Johannes Birgfeld and Dr. Markus Gottschling.

Annie Dorsen was born in New York City in 1973 and educated at Yale University (BA) and the Yale School of Drama (MA). Her most influential works are Hello Hi There (2010), A Piece of Work (2013), Yesterday Tomorrow (2015), The Great Outdoors (2017), Infinite Sun (2019), and most recently Prometheus Firebringer (2023) – as well as Dorsen’s essay On Algorithmic Theatre (2012).

In English

Location: d.a.i. hall
Admission: free


In cooperation with RETH AI, Universität Tübingen und Universität des Saarlandes